Blond haired woman wears a hand made tan wool hat with a sun burned on it covering her face

Meet Oshan Ford

We had some burning questions for Oshan of Oshan Ford Hats, hear what she had to say!

What are your big three signs?  Sun, Moon, Rising?

 Haha I have no idea! I’m a Capricorn and from what I gather, I am pretty true to one. Stubborn, ambitious and loyal.

 Where did you grow up?

 I had the privilege of growing up in Lundbreck Falls and then Pincher Creek, Alberta. My dad built a house in Lundbreck and some of my best core memories stem from my time there.

 What were you like as a kid?

 Oh boy, loaded question, if you asked my mum, she would say I was smart, funny and creative. I asked my best friend who has known me my whole life to describe me in 3 words as a kid and she came back with: fierce, loyal and a commander. I was definitely bossy, rebellious and adventurous. Not much has changed!

 What did you do before making hats?

 I was making art and working my day job. I started creating large scale abstract art pieces years before and had quite a few art shows under my belt, then one day I threw paint on a hat I had laying around and it sold at a show. You could say the rest is history.

 Why hats?

 I kinda feel that hats chose me. Since I started it has honestly felt like I was meant to do this. I had made-over a few hats for some of my friends after that first hat sold and then COVID hit and it was like a switch went off – learn everything that you can to become a hatter. I wanted to know everything and thankfully I found some really kind hatter folk on Instagram that answered my questions. I started to make a list of things I had to buy in order to start making my own and from there I started to teach myself how to block, cut and hand dye my own hats. Thankfully people liked what I was doing and I LOVED creating them. The learning hasn’t ended either, I feel like I am just getting started.

A blonde woman wears a handmade turquoise wool hat.  Her hand rest on the brim

 How many hats do you currently own?

You know what, that is a funny question. I have repeat clients that have 7+ of my hats and currently I have 2 hats in my rotation. I very rarely make myself my own hat!

 What has been the biggest hurdle in running your own business?

 Just navigating everything really, it’s all still so new to me, but I would say the biggest hurdle would be creating my own healthy boundaries on what I am willing to make and what I am not. My first thought is always – yes! I would love to! - but I have learned to listen to my intuition more on what I am willing to say yes to and what I say no to.

 When you aren't making hats where can we find you?

 Outside! I love nature so anything outside with my dog, my backyard and/or the open road with my boyfriend.

 What is on your nightstand?

 A fern, a glass of water and a notebook.

 Who/what are your favourite musicians/songs?

 Toughest question yet! I have sooo many and am always on the hunt for new artists to listen to. I love all genres of music. But right now I am listening to a lot of William Prince, Jeremie Albino, Richard Inman… A lot of Americana music, Tyler Childers, Pony Bradshaw. I could go on!   

It was so much fun getting to know Oshan a little more!  You can shop a small collection of Oshan Ford one-of-a kind handmade hats in our little shop in Fernwood, Victoria, BC or at You can also reach out to her on Instagram @oshanford

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