Shopping Local

Shopping Local

My Little Shop In Fernwood

As I think on what to write about for the blog, one topic always comes to mind YOU!

After all, how could I focus on anything else when you’ve played such a huge role in getting me where I am today? It just wouldn’t feel right!

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Your support has allowed me to bring my dreams to life and create a space that is one-of-a kind, just like you!

To help you understand just how crucial your role has been in all of this, let’s check out some  reasons supporting local businesses matters. 

Why Does Your Choice to Shop Local Matter?

When you shop local, you’re helping keep Fernwood’s charming character alive. The money you spend in our lovely little neighbourhood, stays in it! The sales tax from your purchases are reinvested into the community, so you can feel good knowing you’re making a difference close to home!

When you visit CREAM Life + Style, you also get to experience the warm ambiance that I have created, and I think it’s pretty special. My hope is to inspire you to create a home and personal style that reflects your true self, brings you joy!  By featuring well made vintage and unique items from local makers, there’s a little bit of everything in store. I’ve pulled major inspiration from the 60’s & 70’s consciousness of love, creativity and rock n’ roll counterculture and when you shop local, you get to experience the groovy space yourself! 

I’m constantly overwhelmed by the amount of amazing humans who step into my shop and exclaim how much they love the space – I’m eternally grateful to have been able to turn my passion into a profession and I invite you to come in and visit me yourself. And, I know I’m not alone in feeling the love.

The incredible small business owners at the following local shops appreciate your support just as well. So here’s a little shoutout, make sure to check them out online or visit them in-store:


Thistle & Wren

With new & consignment items, Thistle & Wren make it really easy to shop sustainably for the wee ones.  Plus they have a great little section of clothing & hats for the Mamas too


Locally designed and manufactured clothing for all your basics.  SALT also carries a selection of gorgeous cookware for the West Coast adventurers and outdoor chefs


Looking for good vibes and a fun, upbeat atmosphere?  Check out upcycle!  They carry a large selection of consignment clothing, local artisans and alway  


A grassroots, woman-owned and run edu-tainment company & global collective


Located Downtown on Douglas street Mia has created a beautiful shop and studio where she lovingly crafts her all of her natural, herbal, healing bath and skin care products.

Luna Collective

Luna is the shop that inspired my shop!  They used to be where we are are located now and have moved to a larger location on Fort. Street.  I love Eryn's shop!  It's a mix of beautiful vintage and handmade goods in a warm, neutral palate.  Everything is beautifully curated!


Rootside Mixers 

The ultimate spot for the cocktail lover

Being part of this local community filled with so much love and support has been the most heartwarming experience (you’re literally keeping me from freezing my butt off in this Victoria chill lol!). 

Because of you, I can continue doing what I love and sharing it with beautiful people like yourself.

Let’s keep making the memories. We’re open Mon-Sat 11am - 6pm and 11 am - 4 pm on Sundays. Come say hi, I can’t wait to meet you & see other familiar faces! 

And, keep an eye out for more blogs! Throughout the upcoming months, you can look forward to the following topics:

  • Small But Mighty Decor Items To Transform Your Space,
  • Interior Styling By CREAM Life + Style,
  • Fashion Tips To Get Your Through Victoria’s Rainy Season,
  • Spending An Afternoon In Fernwood,
  • The Perks Of Thrifting,
  • & so much more!

- Stacey

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