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A Girl Called Alaska

Art Print | Death

Art Print | Death

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“There is no such thing as closure. There is only evolution…” –Unknown

Key terms: Profound transformation. Liberation. Radical elimination & transmutation. Alchemy. The wild edge of possibility. Release. Sorrow. Re-death. Catharsis. Reconstruction. 

8x10 Watercolour print on felted paper.  

 About the Artist:

Nell Nancy Ayotte is an artist and writer living on the stolen land of the Lək̓ʷəŋən peoples of the Songhees nation. Inspired by maximalist décor, ancestral ties, art of yesteryear and the etherial, Nell’s work strives to reflect the nature of community, fluidity, mysticism and the self. 

The open faces invite you to dissolve into the artwork's world and imagine yourself gazing back at you.

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