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Surf Glow

Perfume | Virgo Vintage Shop

Perfume | Virgo Vintage Shop

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Not feeling all rainbows - No. 2. One spray. For when you want to feel good and smell like understated cool. Comforts & gives a laidback sexy L.A. vibe. We named this parfum Virgo Vintage Shop because when we wanted to feel good and have a little escape one place we would find it was in an L.A. Vintage shop. That dreamy care-free feeling as we wandered around for a cool retro find. The feeling that anything is possible. This was also one of our original kitchen lab blends where we focused entirely on making parfums to just make ourselves feel better. Carrying it around in little glass vials as our feel good secret. Now we want to (finally) share this one with you. 

Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla Absolute, Patchouli essence, Skeleton Flower, Amber, Pepper essence, Cedarwood, Vetiver, California Poppy, Moss.

Blended fragrance notes that are usually not put together because we like being different, making you feel like rainbows and magically it worked. Made with essential oils and extracted botanical essences. Free from synthetics and artificial fragrances, small batch, vegan. Recycled glass bottle, wooden lid and paper product label. We double dose all of our vegan parfums so that with only one spray you have scent longevity and intensity and your little bottle of chic lasts longer.

Ingredients: Cruelty-free, Vegan, Phthalate-free, No synthetics, Botanical parfum.


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